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Managing Company 'Complex Service' is the 24-Hour Caring for Your Real Estate

The Managing Company 'Complex Service' has been established by the team of professionals having the 14-year experience working with real estate properties. Its activities are based on the system approach to rendering maintenance services in the real estate sphere.

Due to the years-long practical experience as a cleaning company, we have ascertained that our clients need a package of services rather than separate ones. Therefore we have set ourselves the goal of rendering as many high-quality services as possible at minimum expense for our clients. Just so the Managing Company 'Complex Service' LLC was established, which has proved the attainability of this goal.

Using a single company's service package is much more convenient than looking for various firms, which provide the required services separately, compare their prices and make arrangements with each one individually. We have experienced that first-hand. When contacting Complex Service, you will also comprehend this.

The range of our services:

You can order the following at the Managing Company 'Complex Service':

1) indoor cleaning services (for business centres, stores, industrial plants, residential compounds, shopping and leisure centres etc.);

2) installation and maintenance of ventilation and air-conditioning systems;

3) technical maintenance of real estate properties;

4) construction and repair, and finishing;

5) electrical measurements;

6) energy audit;

7) garbage removal services for the general public and organisations (removal of household waste and debris, snow, soil, metal scrap in various volume containers);

8) comprehensive fitting out restaurants and hotels:

• a complete set of equipment and its technological arrangement (heat lines, food service counters, dishwashers, grills, refrigerating equipment, water boilers, water heaters etc.);

• pre-commissioning services;

• installation operations;

• warranty servicing etc.

Benefits of cooperation for you:

1. Our affordable prices Ц your saving.

2. The high quality of services with optimisation of facilities operation costs.

3. Usage of the state-of-the-art commercial equipment.

4. The discount system for regular customers and major clients.

5. Prompt ordering and order execution due to our 24-hour operation.

6. Absolutely professional approach and high-level service affordable for everyone.

We manage the services created, and you manage your expenses during cooperation with us. The result of our work is your safety, cleanliness and tidiness.