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Integrated maintenance for enterprises and individuals

Timely technical inspection of all systems is required so that you always have your premises warm and hot water and power supply are not interrupted. The Managing Company 'Complex Service' LLC provides services for integrated maintenance of sewage, district heating, hot and cold water supply and electric main systems to individuals and enterprises.

Even in new premises, periodical technical inspection and maintenance of all systems are required to keep them in working order. We provide the following services:

Electric main maintenance

Today, you need not have an electrician in the enterprise staff, you can conclude a maintenance contract with our company. Skilled professionals will provide the electric main maintenance and undertake to: keep electrical installations in working order, change sockets, switches and other electrical equipment in a timely manner, make minor repairs as soon as possible on a 24-hour basis. Please remember that repair of electrical equipment on your own may cause not only power outages but also more severe consequences.

Hot and cold water supply system maintenance

Complex Service performs the service maintenance of the hot and cold water supply system not only at enterprises but also in houses and villas. We will carry out the maintenance check, visual inspection, set-up and adjustment of all water supply systems in a timely manner. If water treatment systems are installed, our specialists will change filters and set up the equipment. Hot water supply piping must be periodically cleaned out by hydro- and pneumo-flushing followed by the adjustment.

Maintenance of the district heating system

Failures occurring in the heating system may cause severe consequences. Our specialists know how to service the district heating system. Heating piping may get blocked up, an airlock sometimes occur inside it. As a result, the heating system will operate inefficiently. The complete inspection and maintenance of the overall system are important before the heating season. Repair any failure, flush pipes/radiators, where required.

Sewage system maintenance

The sewage system is blocked up with time. To avoid the complete clogging of drainage pipes, the timely sewage system maintenance is required. We perform preventive flushing of mains, visual inspection of all pipelines, emergency removal of pipe clogging.

Working with us is reliable and beneficial, as we provide high-quality services at a moderate charge.