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Why a mobile electrical laboratory is required

In operating the electrical equipment, regular technical inspections, repairs and testing are required for the stable and safe operation of power supply. The Managing Company 'Complex Service' LLC has a mobile electrical laboratory for this purpose, based on which all necessary measurements and tests may be performed in a quality and prompt manner. Our crew equipped with the laboratory, due to its mobility, will promptly come to the place of actions. In addition to the work for already operating equipment, all pre-commissioning and acceptance electrical measurements for the newly commissioned facilities are performed.

Our specialists carry out the following measurements on electrical equipment:

- electrical installation ground test;

- check for voltage presence in the electric main;

- measurement of resistance between the grounding electrode and ground conductor;

- measurement of the earth loop and phase neutral impedance;

- insulation resistance test on the HV equipment, its secondary circuits, switchgear and HV cable lines;

- full and partial functional check of the existing and installed equipment protection and power supply schemes;

- calibration of fuses;

- switch apparatus testing;

- transition resistance measurement on power supply devices;

- testing of circuit breakers at the maximum permissible current on LV circuits;

- overvoltage testing on electrical installations and HV cable lines;

- check of protection relays, telemechanics and automation systems;

- measurement of ground fault current spread resistance on a grounding device;

- identification of cable lines location and a section where they are damaged.

Guarantees for electrical equipment testing

Electrical equipment is tested using the new, state-of-the-art equipment certified and calibrated as per GOST standards, therefore the high quality of work and prompt submission of electrical measurement reports are guaranteed. Measuring reports received from us will be satisfactory for any controlling and commissioning entity, as our electrical laboratory measurements on electrical equipment and electric mains.