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Energy audit by Complex Service – the excellent opportunity for saving your energy resources

The energy audit or energy inspection shall be carried out on the initiative of energy consumer (in particular in case of operation of buildings and facilities). This is the acquisition and analysis of information on the use of energy resources. The ultimate objective of the energy audit:

- identification of the source of energy wastage;

- seeking opportunities for energy saving;

- energy efficiency improvement.

The energy audit procedure

The energy inspection process follows a certain procedure. It shall be performed by stages and according to the strict sequence, as each next stage is based in the results of the previous one. Such its points are specified:

1. documentary survey (collection of key details and technical information from the documentation);

2. instrumental examination (study of the electrical installations, heating, water supply, ventilation systems etc. and measurements);

3. analysis of the information (comparison of energy efficiency indicators, drafting the energy balance, identification of unfavourable and most energy consuming facilities etc.);

4. development of energy saving and energy efficiency improvement actions at a certain facility (drafting a list of actions, their implementation ways, calculation of the potential saving, the required equipment, financial expenses, by-effects etc.);

5. execution of deliverables and their approval by the client.

Energy audit by Complex Service and its results

Energy audit is one of the business lines of the Managing Company 'Complex Service' LLC. It is carried out by professionals only using specialised state-of-the-art equipment. Based on the audit, a detailed report shall be generated and promptly submitted to the client. After completion of the energy audit you will know the following:

- locations and causes of inefficient energy consumption at your facility;

- future forecast based on such data;

- package of corrective actions;

- recommended actions to improve the general energy efficiency, procedure and cost for their implementation.

The energy inspection results will be included in the entity's energy performance certificate. The energy saving actions shall be performed or a special energy saving programme shall be developed based on such data.

Complex Service, in addition to the energy audit, will help you finding the right way to save energy resources and improve the energy efficiency. Contact us at any time and take the excellent opportunity for saving.