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Washing windows, fasades of buildings and advertisement components by Complex Service: the focus on cleanliness

Fasade is a face of building. The general impression about the organisation or owners of the house depends on its appearance, therefore it requires the thorough care. The exterior part of a structure is most contaminated. To keep it clean and tidy, washing fasades and windows is required from time to time.

Complex Service provides cleaning services for fasades of any buildings. Our personnel have all required equipment and state-of-the-art hi-tech detergents, which efficiently remove complex contamination without damage to the surface.

Washing windows

Windows and show-windows are the first things, which draw the public's attention. We will take care that all glazing components of your office, flat, house, industrial premises will sparkle with untarnished cleanliness just like your reputation.

Washing windows and glass fasade sections is quite labour-consuming and troublesome operation. To make glasses squeaky clean, washing windows using water with detergent is not sufficient Ц cleaning professionals wash windows in several stages, including:

  • cleaning frames and windows (both inside and outside);
  • following rinsing;
  • washing windows (glasses) with special means;
  • drying the glazing components.

Washing fasades and advertisement components

Washing the glazing is advisable to combine immediately with cleaning the fasades. With the integrated approach, the overall exterior of a structure will have the tidy and well-groomed look. Our company's personnel use delicate and, at the same time, highly-efficient fasade cleaning methods, which enable cleaning any surfaces and removing most stubborn stains. In addition, the fasade appearance is considerably transforms and its performance is improved after cleaning. Professional detergents efficiently combat with organic and mineral deposits most adverse for the surface of building.

And naturally, we are glad to offer you outdoor advertising component washing services. Our specialists select the most appropriate washing chemicals and cleaning techniques for each material. Your advertising will look brightly and attractively with us, and therefore arouse public's interest and be an effective promotion tool.

Complex Service will perform the dirtiest job for you, and you will just enjoy the untarnished cleanliness.

Snow and icing removal from the roof by Complex Service: The integrated approach to and high level of service

The Russian winter is renowned for its abundant snowfalls and severe frost. But the winter weather is not just the seasonal specifics for the dynamic and densely populated metropolis: snow banks on the roofs, icicles and icing may do considerable harm to both urban constructions and city folk. And while the responsibility for clearing snow from streets and sidewalks falls on the shoulders of city crews, which cope quite well with that using special equipment, a snow remover will not cope with clearing roofs at all. Snow and icing shall be removed from the roof by specialists having the required equipment and certain skills. Only subject to these two conditions, the job would be fulfilled quickly, efficiently and, above all, safely. Real experts familiar with all intricacies of this dangerous and labour-consuming work are with our company.

The Russian people were used to the weather unexpectedness long since. If it rained in the evening, and you have found out in the morning that your house roof is covered with huge snow banks, do not hesitate to contact our company. Prompt clearing snow from the roof is the accustomed job for the Complex Service's specialists. We will promptly gang a crew and provide the first aid for you and your building.

Our specialists can partly clean the roof upon prior agreement. We will take care to clear snow on the agreed area or along the roof perimeter line, rid you of dangerous overhanging icicles and remove snow thrown from the roof from the area adjacent to the building.

By entering into a contract with our company for cleaning roofs of several facilities, you save your time and reduce financial expenses. We are always glad to meet the needs of major clients and ensure the cooperation conditions most advantageous for them. We also offer a 'long-term alliance' for the seasonal building maintenance to each client.

Complex Service's work in all areas is performed at the high level. Therefore, when ordering from us snow and icing removal from the roof, you may rest assured that we will approach this job in an integrated manner: will ensure the safety for passers-by and fence the area, remove the cleared snow, provide services at your option to prevent ice refreezing on drains and eaves.