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Installation and maintenance of ventilation systems and climate control equipment

Complex Service provides installation services for ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Highly skilled personnel will skilfully install, connect and set up the operation of any climate control equipment and ventilation systems. Our experience, professionalism and commitment enable us guaranteeing the reliable operation of the equipment.

Installation and maintenance of air-conditioning systems:

Air-conditioning systems are installed by high-level specialists. Our company provides service for offices, administration and industrial buildings, warehouse premises, shopping centres, restaurants, entertainment complexes and many other facilities. Despite the complexity and scope of work, we guarantee the high quality and promptness. For example, at your disposal is the emergency service whose personnel will come to the emergency scene as soon as possible.

Our company provides the following package of services:

- installation and connection of air-conditioning systems;

- cleaning of climate control equipment;

- treatment of parts with bactericides;

- preventive maintenance and functional check-out;

- setting-up the control panel;

- maintenance and repair of the climate control equipment.

Installation and maintenance of ventilation systems:

Complex Service has in its disposal the state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel, so we will install ventilation systems as soon as possible. Moreover, we guarantee the accident-free and reliable operation of the equipment that we installed.

By calling our company, you can reduce the costs for maintaining your own maintenance service, and the professionalism of our personnel will be a welcome surprise for you. Complex Service's skilled professionals provide the following services:

- installation and connection of ventilation systems;

- equipment maintenance;

- repair of ventilation systems;

- inspection of equipment fixtures and testing the operation of electrical systems;

- cleaning and disinfection.

Complex Service is a professional in installation and maintenance of the climate control equipment and ventilation systems. Our personnel cooperate with both small companies and large enterprises thus guaranteeing invariably high level of service and customized approach.