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High-quality cleaning of separate surfaces by Complex Service

Complex Service will perform the high-quality cleaning of separate surfaces within production and non-productive premises. We settle down to work of any complexity: we will clean surfaces contaminated as a result of flooding or fire, deposit of substances difficult to remove or industrial dirt onto them. We will get into shape both hard and soft surfaces (carpet flooring, furniture).

Separate surfaces are maintained by means of the following:

- dry-cleaning with foam and steam, which is used for synthetic and natural carpet flooring, furniture upholstery, linoleum flooring, artificial and natural stone and other delicate surfaces;

- applying a polymer coating on the natural stone or linoleum;

- grinding and polishing for natural stone surfaces;

- crystallization as a method for treatment of marble surfaces;

- usage of elevated work platforms and vertical supports when washing the exterior side of windows and cleaning fasades.

Our company will clean oils and other corrosives off from the industrial equipment.

We clean separate surfaces only with non-hazardous detergents, which cannot damage the item or harm human health. We have the large staff numbers of professionals who are specially trained and master the technology for cleaning any types of contamination even on the most delicate surfaces.

The correct approach to cleaning surfaces of furniture, walls, carpets and carpet flooring, textile products, and natural materials will enable preserving the integrity and extending the service life of the facility to be cleaned.

Our personnel have been specially trained and are ready to go immediately to your enterprise, office or flat to help cleaning separate surfaces. We do not break the routine rhythm and schedule of enterprise operation or client's lifestyle during our work. Our personnel remain unseen.

Our prices affordable and loyal, they depend on the scale of contamination, the numbers of equipment to be used and labour.

For more details please contact our company on the address or phone specified.

Complex Service guarantees you the commitment to and performance of the work as soon as reasonable.