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Complex indoor cleaning is the perfect way to create cleanliness

Today, the complex indoor cleaning is a set of cleaning procedures. This service is offered to the client in the form of a single programme for maintaining premises, which implies the high-quality performance of the set of actions according to the certain programme.

Cleaning services from Complex Service

Complex Service offers not only the complex indoor cleaning option, it also provides the wide range of cleaning services, including the following:

- continuous, daily cleaning of residential, public or production areas;

- maintaining cleaning, that is cleaning with the certain service frequency for the high-quality keeping the cleanliness;

- one-time cleaning the facilities after repairs and construction, it may be used by an individual or legal entity; such service for the client for the client means saving funds and time;

- professional service for organisations, offices, enterprises, including the complex indoor cleaning with the specified list of cleaning services required to ensure cleanliness. Such cleaning may be of the various complexity level, with usage of various technical resources. It is designed for cleaning those indoor surfaces, which are operated most intensively and contaminated quicker. Moreover, the complex cleaning may be weekly as well;

- full-scale indoor cleaning that ensures cleaning-up of the interior space of offices, buildings or enterprises everywhere using specialised equipment and state-of-the-art detergents. This type of service is aimed at the full coverage of all surfaces and removal of contamination. It also includes washing panels and walls, lights and lamps, windows and doors, cleaning various carpet flooring, louvres and ventilation grills etc.

Important aspects of cooperation

Three main aspects being key ones are, of course, very important for each enterprise of client organisation entering into a service contract with a contractor. These are acceptable prices for all types of service, soundness and quality of work, promptness and professionalism of the cleaning company personnel. These very important components are the guarantee of successful partnership relations and long-term cooperation between the cleaning services contractor and the client. That is why Complex Service offers the acceptable services quality-to-price ratio to its potential clients and manages the personnel training issue carefully. Always provides cleaning services promptly and within the agreed dates.