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Cleaning by the Managing Company 'Complex Service' LLC. All types of daily cleaning

All types of daily cleaning of premises, primary cleaning and high-quality full-scale cleaning, and other modern cleaning services are the Complex Service's priority lines in rendering services to people.

The company's cleaning service is a package of effective measures for removal of any contamination and keeping the scrupulous indoor cleanliness. We clean various facilities using modern advanced equipment, state-of-the-art environmentally non-hazardous detergents, and organic ferments able to quickly remove the dirt even in most hard-to-reach places. The list of our services includes all types of cleaning applicable as of today.

Types of daily cleaning from Complex Service

Daily cleaning of facilities implies continuous cleaning and tidying up in various residential and public premises, high-quality cleaning within the area of industrial plants and organisations.

Daily cleaning of facilities is the continuous keeping cleanliness using state-of-the-art detergents and ensuring freshness of any working or residential space. The daily cleaning should not be long and performed in the old-fashioned way on the principle 'what is close at hand, that is suitable'. Cleaning by skilled personnel means the untarnished cleanliness visible and pleasant for everyone, and the process invisible for everyone.

The daily indoor cleaning implies an integrated selection of cleaning actions listed according to their priority schedule under the service contract entered into with the client. It usually includes: the primary cleaning, maintaining cleaning and mandatory full-scale cleaning.

Primary cleaning means an initial cleaning process at a particular facility, it precedes the following daily indoor cleaning and continuous keeping the cleanliness.

Maintaining cleaning: when entering the maintenance contract, the daily cleaning service may be replaced by the maintaining cleaning at the client's option. For example, where the client does not need the daily indoor cleaning but thrice or twice a week. Furthermore, our company's personnel keep cleanliness at a high-quality level and in time.

The full-scale cleaning means deep cleaning everywhere using specialised equipment and necessary detergents. This type of service is aimed at thorough removal of contamination; it includes washing windows, doors, louvres, window grating and many others.

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