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Full-scale cleaning of private houses and premises

Full-scale indoor cleaning takes all day long or even the entire weekend, especially if you have decided to do this on your own. There is often neither energy nor time to complete cleaning. Our company Complex Service offers a new service Ц cleaning. Why we? We always approach each client individually, calculate the bottom-line cost depending on the scope of work. We not just clean a premise but competently treat the full-scale cleaning, which also includes washing of door units and cleaning of ventilation grills using commercial equipment.

Most of dust is accumulated on carpets and upholstered furniture, therefore the furniture upholstery shall be cleaned in several stages. We first clean from dust, then, if there are stains, remove them using state-of-the-art agents. Only after that, one can start wet cleaning of flooring or furniture. The most common 'companion animals' living in the upholstered furniture, are mites. Chemical treatment of furniture is needed to control these parasites. The furniture looks like-new, smells nice and freshly after the full cleaning.

Windows and show-windows should always be clean, as it is they that make look tidy and attractively. Washing glass surfaces of show-windows, fasades and windows is time-consuming and requires usage of special equipment. Complex Service cleaning company washes all glass surfaces, in particular at height where special equipment and trained personnel are required. We perform outdoor and indoor washing operations in all seasons. Our workers use only special squeegees and brushes, which gently clean glass and do not leave scratches and streaks.

Look how much dust accumulates on ventilation grills. For you to breathe clean air, ventilation grills should be cleaned at least monthly, and even twice per month in summer. To better clean, the grills should be removed, dust, treat with steam and thoroughly rinse with water.

We work only with environmentally friendly detergents, which have no adverse impact on human health at all. We always glad to help you in such a hard work as full-scale indoor cleaning. To get the complete advice, please call the phone given on our web site.