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Cleaning villas, houses and flats

Tidying up to have your home in immaculate condition is near impossible in the modern world where every minute counts, and the continuous business passes for normal. Cleaning is a rather troublesome operation consuming time and effort, which we just lack of. And then the optimal solution of such problem would be to order cleaning of your flat, house or villa by professionals from the Managing Company 'Complex Service' LLC. They will perform all cleaning operations in a quick and high-quality manner.

Description of the services offered

Our company employs the highly skilled personnel, who know slightest intricacies of working with various surfaces, are able to determine correctly the required detergent for cleaning, scrubbing etc. To attain the best results in cleaning villas, flats or houses, our personnel use only commercial equipment from reliable manufacturers and specially selected detergents, which remove virtually all types of contamination.

When contacting us to have the indoor cleaning, you may rest assured that it will be performed in a timely and quality manner. It should be noted that chemicals may be used or not used in the cleaning Ц this depends on the customer's wishes. The managing company provides the following services:

- cleaning a flat. It may be not only full-scale but also the daily one. The main purpose is the soonest decontamination using special detergents and state-of-the-art equipment;

- cleaning a house. This activity will require more efforts from the personnel, as the area may be larger. Some houses are furnished with saunas and steam baths, which also should be cleaned;

- cleaning villas. The rather large scope of work, which may be completed only by a specially trained crew able also to wash a building fasade or large-area windows;

- cleaning after repairs. In case of ordering this service, our personnel will promptly and reliably rid you of all debris found in any of the premises;

- complex cleaning. Combines the usual and simultaneously full-scale tidying up; moreover, it can be done not only after repairs but also before repairs.

Placing an order for cleaning

The Managing Company 'Complex Service' LLC will provide services for tidying up any premise in a quick and high-quality manner. For that, it is sufficient to call us on phones +7(499)136-40-15 and +7(903)136-40-15 or e-mail.