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Cleaning of offices from Complex Service: Professionals on guard of the cleanliness and tidiness

Complex Service provides office cleaning services. We with glad to do all dirty job for you. Our cleaning experience and professionalism will ensure immaculate cleanliness in any premise within your organisation.

Cleaning the offices by professionals is not only the modern image of your company but also the health and high working capacity of office space workers. Our personnel have available the state-of-the-art equipment and highly-efficient detergents, which will help removing most stubborn stains without harm to human health and damage to surfaces.

We are glad to offer you various types of office cleaning: from current to full-scale. Our personnel will tidy up your office: will charge themselves with cleaning ceramic tiles and other types of wall finishing, care for the furniture, cleaning carpet flooring and other flooring.

Types of office cleaning from Complex Service

The daily cleaning includes dusting, vacuum cleaning of carpeting, wet cleaning of ceramic tiles and floor, cleaning of glazing components inside the office.

We can order the weekly wet cleaning from us. Our personnel will tide up your office and utility rooms at the specified date and hour. Cleaning sanitary rooms may be added with cleaning the sanitary ware and disinfection at your option.

Full-scale cleaning from Complex Service is the complete package of services for detailed cleaning of all surfaces, furniture, sanitaryware components, decorative components, windows and household appliances.

If you have not found a required service in the list of works, this does not mean that it exceeds the ability of our personnel: we clean everything and everywhere. Just advise you wishes and we will fulfil them right away.

Benefits of the regular professional office cleaning

- First, the high-quality cleaning by professionals contributes to your company's goodwill. After all, the office is the face of a company, the general impression about your work depends on its look.

- Second, the clean space is a guarantee of your employees health.

- Third, the regular wet cleaning extends the service life of both the office equipment that is susceptible to dust, and furniture, washable wall and floor coverings.

Complex Service invites the clients for the long-term cooperation on beneficial terms. The long-term alliance will rid you of troubles related to search for cleaning companies and reduce your financial expenses.