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Quick and high-quality cleaning of production floor areas

Complex Service offers its services for the high-quality cleaning of production floor areas. We will promptly and completely clear any size premise from debris and other waste. Our skilled personnel are ready to go to you on a regular or one-time basis to any point of Moscow. The periodic cleaning of production floor areas is the guarantee of the effective performance and health of the labour.

How we clean the production floor areas

Our company has all of the necessary engineering, mechanical and human resources to ensure not only the high-quality but also safe cleaning.

The list of our production floor area cleaning services includes the following:

- removal debris from buildings. This activity is rather labour-consuming and requires use of physical force. We have the professional loaders team and special equipment, due to which we will quickly rid you of debris without damage to the premise;

- dust removal from surfaces. We will dust the production floor area even in most hard-to-reach places due to the availability of the high-quality equipment and non-hazardous detergents;

- solid floor washing. Depending on the covering, the approach to washing the floor provides for different technical devices. Our arsenal includes the following: wet-dry vacuum cleaner, cyclones, sweeping and floor-washing machines, single disks to clean various-type surfaces, dirt and water suction devices, and trolleys and scrapers;

- cleaning and disinfection of the sanitary ware. Due to environmentally friendly and non-hazardous detergents, we will clean the sanitary ware in a quality manner and rid it of clogging;

- washing windows and window ledges. Our personnel will wash windows and window ledges with high-quality detergents. We work at any height and clean any type of contamination from glass.

By calling Complex Service to have the production floor areas cleaned, you reliably get a good result of work, advanced approaches to solving problems and usage only high-quality and non-hazardous materials and devices. Our personnel are result-oriented and do not leave any uncompleted or negligently performed work.

We offer our services at affordable prices that depend on the scope of work, number and level of technical means to be used.