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Outdoor Cleaning

Well-groomed adjacent territory of offices and houses is the visiting card of any enterprise. Neat lawns, clean driveways, paths for pedestrians and beautiful flower beds cause respectful attitude of visitors to the organization.

In order to maintain proper order, daily cleaning of the internal areas is necessary. The company "Complex Service" will send to your company qualified personnel, equipment, cleaning equipment to maintain regular order throughout the territory.

Daily cleaning of the surrounding areas depends on the time of the year. Our employees are fully trained and provided with the necessary inventory and technical devices for putting things in order in the autumn, winter, spring and summer periods.

Seasonal area cleaning

Daily cleaning of the territory in the summer. At this time, we are directing our efforts to:

— Cleaning of paths and lawns from dust and foliage;

— Cutting and watering lawns and shrubs;

— Care for flower beds and other plantations;

— Humidification of the territory.

Daily cleaning of the territory in winter. As you know, in winter, important steps in cleaning up the area under the open sky is to clean it of snow. For this we use:

— Modern cleaning equipment (for clearing, loading and exporting snow);

— Human reserves (for cleaning and sweeping tracks).

In addition to snow removal, in winter security is important. With the help of special reagents, we are fighting with the icing of tracks, driveways, steps.

Daily cleaning of the territory in the autumn-spring period. Considering that a lot of garbage is formed during transitional periods due to dried plants and leaves, we offer our services for cleaning and exporting it.

Daily cleaning of the customer's territory at any time of the year. Despite the time of year, our team offers such permanent cleaning services as:

— Collection and removal of garbage;

— Cleaning and washing of urns

— Cleaning areas near garbage containers;

— Extraction of debris from drainage channels.

A good technical base of our company (automobile and tractor machinery, small mechanization facilities, quality equipment) and a friendly team of workers & ndash; It is a pledge of cleanliness and well-being of the internal and adjacent territory of your enterprise.

We provide daily cleaning services for adjacent areas at reasonable prices, which are ready to discuss with each client separately.