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Removal of household waste? Complex Service offers its services!

According to the statistics, the amount of the disposed domestic waste has increased considerably in the recent years and, in this connection, the quality of the municipal solid waste removal services provided by public enterprise is rather poor. The community services are usually short of machines, personnel, equipment to provide high-quality and, first of all, timely services. Yes, just timely services, as accumulation of the domestic waste and delay in their disposal result in worsening the sanitary-epidemiological condition within your area. Therefore, the household municipal solid waste removal is now one of the most important issues and goals.

Garbage removal requires, first of all, a good transportation and technical facilities. Our company is ready to provide the state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles for cleaning, loading and removal of the municipal solid waste.

While performing our work, we guarantee its high quality and timeliness.

We have waste-disposal side- and rear-lift collection vehicles in our fleet for household waste removal. All of these vehicles are in good repair and operated by responsible, skilled drivers only. The powerful and reliable equipment guarantees the fast work and high-quality result.

In addition to the state-of-the-art serviceable equipment, we have the sufficient staff of experienced personnel who will clear the areas near waste containers and litter bins.

We are ready to remove the municipal solid waste and other garbage at the time of day convenient for you. When entering in the contracts, our company stipulates together with the client the exact time of arrival and duration of its personnel work, and sticks to the specified time very accurately. Our work will not trouble you.

All waste collected is disposed or dumped far away from residential city districts at special legally permitted sites adapted for that.

We are ready to provide household waste removal services both on a regular and one-time basis on call.

Please call the contact phones given on the web site of our company and you will be provided with useful advice how to optimise the household waste removal. Our consultants will answer all of your questions.

Prices for our services are quite loyal. We discuss this issue with each client individually.