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Soil removal

Any construction, irrespectively of its scale, implies occurring the large volume of soil and other waste. The waste may significantly hinder, and sometimes even interrupt the construction activities with time. That is why, the soil removal and disposal issue is acute for each developer. Complex Service removes soil and debris using the own vehicles.

Services provided by Complex Service:

Complex Service provides services for removal of soil and other debris on the vehicles with various body space. The experienced personnel will be able to organise the entire process and thus rid you of unnecessary troubles and problems. Certainly, unskilled labour may be involved for soil removal from the construction site but the entire process will be poorly organised and inefficient in such a case. It is important to note that we possess the required equipment, vehicles and trained personnel team whose actions are well-coordinated, therefore the soil removal will be promptly planned and performed.

Our equipment and vehicles enable transportation of bulk construction materials that allows utilising the equipment in the most rational way. For example, you can not only use the soil, garbage and other waste removal service but also order the delivery of materials required for the following construction.

Our benefits:

With wide capabilities and experience, we will be able to offer the soil removal scheme convenient for you. In addition, our company is ready to enter into a long-term cooperation contract, which provides for the regular soil and waste removal from the construction site.

The promptness and integrated approach are just a part of the Complex Service's benefits. The cost of our services is more than affordable: we offer the lowest prices for soil removal in our region.

We have developed the simplest and most beneficial terms of cooperation with us. To order the soil removal, please contact a Complex Service representative who will answer all your questions, agree the time of removal and, with account of the waste volume, select the trucks. Our company provides services to individuals (small construction sites) and large enterprises; in any case, we ensure the customized approach and high-level service.