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Removal of snow

As winter sets in and early precipitations come, the traffic in the city and countryside is virtually paralysed. Huge snow banks hinder the pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

And taking into account that all this snow will turn into water soon, threatening buildings and structures with flooding, the snow disposal issue is especially acute. Complex Service offers the optimal solution of this problem Ц snow removal. With the special equipment and suitable vehicles, we provide services to the general public, and cooperate with organisations and enterprises.

Peculiarities of snow removal

Snow clearing and removal to the disposal site require not only human resources but also specialised equipment and trucks. Of course, the residents may be involved to tidying up the area (in cease of a multi-storey house) or enterprise employees recalling them from the main core workflow but the efficiency of such activities will be lowest.

The best solution of the snow removal issue is the assistance by specialist companies. The professionals will promptly clear snow, ice, icicles and remove snow to the disposal site.

Complex Service: Removal of snow

Our company has all the things needed for snow clearing and various garbage collection. Skilled personnel are ready to clear any area whatsoever from snow and ice at any time and organise their removal to specially allotted areas. In addition, you will be able both to use a one-time service and enter into a continuous servicing contract.

Taking care of the environment and ecology, we dispose snow strictly on the allotted sites. Complex Service has a state license for snow removal, performing the work in compliance with the applicable laws, safety regulations and sanitary standards.

To order the services, please contact our representative. A representative arriving to the site will be able to evaluate the scope of work, clarify all issues, draft a cleaning and snow removal flowchart convenient for you. We perform both the full cleaning of the area and only of certain spots, e. g. clearing icicles from the roof. Upon evaluation of the scope of work, our representative will be able to advise you the cost of services. We value our reputation; therefore we guarantee the good quality of clearing and scrupulous meeting the deadlines.