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Removal of debris and metal scrap

Irrespectively of the scale of repairs at the adjacent area, a good deal of debris is generated. In the absence of specialised equipment, the waste removal may be the real challenge. Complex Service will help solving this issue by offering such service as removal of debris and metal scrap. Our personnel will arrange removal of debris and waste transportations to the disposal site or processing facility as soon as possible.

Removal of debris

The feature of debris is the high density, which does not enable use a hydraulic press in full. Our company possesses the special high-tech equipment and trucks, which enables removing considerable volumes of debris within a short time. We will select an optimal transportation mean and draw up a suitable waste removal scheme convenient for you.

Complex Service renders services for both individuals and large construction and industrial companies. In addition, you will be able using our services not only once but entering into contract that provides for the regular removal of debris.

Removal of metal scrap

Our company specialises in the metal selling, purchasing and processing. We have all of the required equipment for quick dismantling and removal of structural steel, are ready to help in demolition of old buildings, will remove industrial and theatre equipment.

Complex Service cooperates intensively with large iron and steel plants. That is why we not only remove metal scrap but also can offer you favourable prices for ferrous scrap.

Our company has obtained the state license for the activities performed and all of the required equipment for dismantling and removal of structural steel. Complex Service personnel are serious specialists who perform their work at a high quality level and carefully meeting the deadlines stipulated in the contract.

We rate our reputation highly and, therefore, respect each client: draw up a schedule suitable for you, select the optimal transportation means, offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. By relying on Complex Service, you will not only appreciate the high level of service and promptness of work but also will be able to considerably save time and funds.